Luxury Interior Design

What Luxury Interior Design means in 2021

Looking to the year ahead we are cautiously optimistic; with a number of commissions confirmed and some exciting company growth plans; 2021 is looking positive for our clients and the team at Matthews Rea.

The change of year is always paused for reflection;

There are of course all the national and global issues we are all too well aware of, however, my thoughts are drawn more specifically to the idea of; how will 2020 shape our future attitudes to our luxury homes?

At Matthews Rea we offer specialist services in both Interior Architecture and FF&E (Furniture, finishes & equipment) therefore in considering how 2020 will shape our future attitudes to our homes? my thoughts fall into these two areas – Interior Architecture and space planning and the detail of interior finishes.

With more activities occurring in our homes than ever before, our clients are wanting both dedicated and multifunctional spaces to accommodate this shift.

Dedicated home office space, with well-considered joinery for all those zoom calls is a must. We work closer than ever with our AV specialists to provide business quality AV and WIFI in the home offices we are working on.

Home gyms are also becoming more of a priority and are being given more space within projects than ever before. When space allows, we suggest multiple living spaces so that different members and generations of the family can all relax in the way they prefer.

Where space is more of a premium for example, in central London we are recommending a slight shift from the completely open plan trend of the past few years, to spaces which can be cleverly divided by screens and sliding panels so that private spaces can be created when needed, whilst still creating bigger rooms when required.

Home entertainment in the form of cinema rooms and bars are also a continuing trend we’re tipping for the 2021; keep an eye out for our next Journal article to hear more about the fantastic home bar designs we are working on.

On a more human level when thinking of touch and texture there is also change afoot. I have always enjoyed the subtle layering of textures and materials in our interiors, however with the external world more sterile the importance of touch in our homes will become even more important.

I’m looking forward to adding details; leather in handles; hand stitched to create a texture you can feel as you open a door or hold a handrail. Details in joinery with insets of suede, metallics, fabrics and leather, edged with a metal trim set-in beautiful timber veneers, so that the light touch of a hand across a desk is a journey of the senses and materiality.

Fabrics will also have a big role to play, minimalism will make way for a more maximalist approach – even if your style leans more to a neutral palette, fabrics in upholstery and soft furnishings will have more tones, texture and detailing.

A positive I have drawn from 2020 is the necessity to slow down, enjoy the small things closer to home; from the birdsong on a daily walk, to being more aware of the changing season. I look forward to bringing this detail and consideration into the projects we’re working on this year.

If you have a project, you’d like to have a chat about I’m always delighted to chat through ideas.