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An Insight into Super Prime Interior Design

What is Super Prime Interior Design?

Super Prime property is the term used to describe homes that are designed to provide an exceptional level of luxury to the owners, who are classed as high net worth individuals. No expense is spared with the finest of materials, finishes and detail incorporated. The interiors of these houses can only be described as exceptional.

Working as Interior Designers in this highly regarded field, we are aware that our clients live and travel internationally, staying in the most exclusive hotels with amazing design and high levels of service. Therefore, when they return to their homes, they expect the same seamless facilities and will often purchase property that offers full 24-hour concierge, private pools, gyms, cinemas and valet parking.

With a growing younger global wealth generation coming through in the UK and internationally, new builds are increasingly popular, as they can offer a higher level of security and luxury amenities. New builds account for a third of the property market in prime London, up from a fifth only two years ago. They also offer our clients the perfect opportunity to work with us on the design to match their exact requirements.

Working in this market means being able to meet unique and incomparable expectations and requirements from high net worth clients.

Outside of the London postcodes, country houses are still extremely popular as they offer much sought after inside and outside square footage. With both options the possibilities are infinite, and may include digital services to offer high grade cyber security, high tech entertainment systems and car lifts to underground temperature controlled parking.

How we design Super Prime Developments

Here at Matthews Rea, we are often asked to include a commercial grade kitchen within the property to allow the house chef or outside catering team to prepare meals away from the family kitchen as and when required. Surfaces that are antibacterial are increasingly requested, so porcelain and quartz are as popular as ever.

Covid has dramatically impacted the requirements of the super prime market, and interiors are becoming even more bespoke, as our clients’ habits have now changed permanently. They require home offices that not only look great, but function as well as their corporate environment, with more flexible social spaces rather than the previous open plan. We are looking at more functional back of house areas to facilitate cleanliness, control contamination and other private amenities, such as contactless deliveries.

Wellness is now a prerequisite within the super prime market, and we are designing more cinemas, personal gyms, pools and spas than ever before. With state-of-the-art facilities these areas are dedicated to prioritising the opportunity to relax and recharge.

We still follow the lead from the luxury hotel market when it comes to the interior design of these amazing rooms, emulating the calm and peaceful ambiance often offered. Everything is considered, from the heating, lighting and fixtures, ensuring the spaces are functional as well as beautiful. Saunas, steam rooms, and even beauty salons have all been incorporated.

Luxury developments also offer these facilities as standard within the shared spaces, as well as much needed outdoor space, with landscaped gardens or roof terraces incorporated into the schemes. The private amenities within these developments, whether it be a house or apartment, have become extremely sought after in the super prime market, ensuring that the design details in every home are carefully considered more than ever before.

At Matthews Rea we are experienced in working closely with super prime clients, fully understanding the need for discretion and managing the challenges that can arise. We can offer a full turnkey service, not only designing the interiors to an exceptional level, but enabling the property, whether new build or renovation, to be move in ready.