Interior Designers and Property Developers

When an Interior Designer works with property developers, they must deliver so much more than great design. Understanding the commercial aspect of this exciting and ever moving business is just as important. Our remit is linked to the results the developer needs to achieve to gain maximum return on their investment.

Matthews Rea would always advise any developer to involve the interior designer as early as possible. Not only does the vision for the project need to be realised but the budgets must be agreed at the outset. We often advise our clients on the market expectations and what, with our experience, needs to be allowed for. Final dressing of the apartments cannot be overlooked and its key to demonstrate the importance at this early stage and ring fence the funds for when required.

Research is important to ensure the schemes attract the correct demographic and work within the local environment. Being involved from the outset enables us to work closely with the architect on space planning and internal architectural details. Sharing our knowledge of what makes a good living space guarantees the layouts work for the targeted market. The needs of the potential buyers are important, and we will consider the various uses, the flow from room to room, maximising the use to increase the square foot sale price for the development project.

We work hard to build a good working relationship so that the developer feels completely comfortable working with us. Trusting us to deliver a high quality design package and project manage the process from start to finish.

We are always happy to work alongside the developer with their ideas for the branding and vision. This can lead to close collaborations with appropriate companies to offer the purchasers something truly unique. It means that right from the start our designs are considered and a continuing theme can be subtly threaded throughout the schemes.

End user expectations are high, and we need to go that extra mile to impress high-end clients and investors in commercial property, with exceptional detailing, integrated audio-visual equipment and quality appliances. It is worth the developer investing in bespoke joinery, the architectural detailing, feature lighting and marble.

Buyers are now so informed and will spot any shortcuts. Not only does the interior design need to be visually appealing and work with the period of the building, but behind the scenes the attention to detail is so important. This makes the difference between selling the property at the prime or super-prime market, something we fully understand at Matthews Rea.

The common areas also need to be regarded with the same level of detail and cannot be regarded as secondary spaces. The reception space is the first impression upon entering the development, and investment into these areas needs to be considered with the same level of detail as the apartments themselves.

We mustn’t forget that although we are appointed to deliver a commercial project for our clients, we are also designing people’s future homes. Whether for investment or for living, the real estate will ultimately become someone’s place of residence, a safe haven. It needs to be elegant, comfortable and welcoming, adding to the purchaser’s quality of life.

Matthews Rea have a wealth of experience within the property development sector and offer an exceptional service to the developer wishing to ensure a return on investment.